This website is for demo purpose only, read more. Official Joplin documentation is on

In a nutshell

The Joplin-docs objective is to unify the documentation. A user-friendly and qualitative area maintained by the community for new & advanced Joplin users. A place where official doc and extended doc (tip&tricks, howto) can live together.

Nowadays Joplin documentation is in a giant readme file and the rest is divided in the Forum, official website, Discord and GitHub. When discovering the project, it’s a game of back and forth between those sources. The docs exist but is difficult to follow.

Join us on the forum to continue the discussion, give a hand or share your thoughts about this initiative.

Current features

  • Fuzzy search,
  • Keep track of pages read,
  • TOC,
  • like/dislike buttons,
  • Better navigation (sidebar toc always visible, search, breadcrumb, anchors),
  • Git sync (currently disabled but working),
  • Backend for Super-Editors & Admins,
  • RSS feed


  • Work in progress (demo proof of concept).
  • Content structure is a proposal.
  • Theming is a quick test.


  • Flexible documentation website.
  • Grav flat CMS behind for easy management.
  • Content is markdown files.
  • Easier to find specific docs or get the docs overview.
  • Can live separately from the main app repo and get faster merge requests.


  • There is a system in place already.
  • Docs structure is different than the existing.

Roadmap proposal

  • [ ] Side project or official documentation entry point. discussion?
  • [ ] Define the structure.
  • [ ] Define the content (a copy - or sync - the official /readme or only extend the docs only?).
  • [ ] Deal with dynamic pages (eg plugins list)
  • [ ] Define a workflow for contribution and content structure changes.
  • [ ] Write contributing guidelines.
  • [ ] Call for co-admins and moderators.
  • [ ] Hosting & domain name discussion.
  • [ ] Clean redesign with BS5

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